The Pew Research Center also asked about the police response to the protests. Only a third of whites think the police went too far in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting.

Only a third think armored vehicles rolling down the streets of Ferguson is going too far.

Only a third think police dressed in camouflage (for some inexplicable reason) waving military-grade assault weapons at unarmed civilians is going too far.

Only a third think lobbing tear gas and stun grenades at civilians—the very citizens they’re supposed to protect—is going too far.

Only a third think threatening reporters and calling protestors “f*****g animals” is going too far.

Only a third think treating black civilians like enemy combatants is going too far.

We have a problem. And the problem is that we won’t even accept that there’s a problem.



"We didn’t even know our kids’ names yet," said Deborah Rogers, who teaches English and reading to 7th and 8th graders at the school. "We hadn’t given schedules out yet. But we had to sit down and have a serious conversation on race."

Like the rest of the St. Louis community, including their own teachers, Gateway students had emotional discussions about being black in America, about mistrust of the police, about peaceful demonstration and violent protest. They were asked to write down what they were feeling about Ferguson, with the assurance that no sentiments were out of bounds.

Below are excerpts from the responses penned by a group of 7th and 8th graders at the school.


I’m feeling, I don’t know, like I can’t even say the words I’m feeling because they are curse words. But I’m tired of turning on the news and know[ing] when they say someone has been shot that it’s one of my kind.


I’m mad that a 18 year old died and he was unarmed. I feel scared because people are using violence a lot and policemen are using teargas and rubber bullets. I’m shocked that police are doing this to humans. They just speaking their mind.


People have been treating us blacks wrong for so many years and we have done NOTHING WRONG.

White man kills black guy, paid to leave. Black man kills white guy, PRISON FOR LIFE NO BAIL.


What if one day my brothers are walking down the street and the police try to beat them or even kill [them]?


It hurts to know that a policeman, somebody who is hired and paid to protect me, has shot and killed a young man. This young man Mike Brown had his whole life ahead of him only 18 about to start college in a few days. It hurts me knowing somebody has it in them to kill somebody so easily.

This is more than hurtful it’s shameful, racist, ignorant, and just sad.

I think the protests have been good. What do you expect when something so ignorant happens? … I understand some things like looting and firing up stores seem crazy and uncalled for but if we’re not peacefully getting justice this is what has to be done.


I know and everyone knows that Darren Wilson had no right to shoot Michael Brown. Michael was unarmed and he surrendered. He had his hands up in the air.

I’m mad because showing the footage of Michael Brown stealing from a convenient store was so irelevent and unimportant.

I don’t like that when they put the video out, they were trying to make Michael look bad, look like a criminal.


I feel like the things that are happening in Ferguson are unfair. I thought after Trayvon Martin the killing will stop but it comes back again. What did Mike Brown do for the police officer to kill him?

If he was a caucasian male will he still shoot?

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Adulting Your Money 101 


Here is my unsolicited and unprofessional advice about money! I am not a professional financial adviser!!! However!!! The likelihood of any of you tween babies going to an adult financial adviser is very slim so I will offer you the advice I have accumulated through my own advisers and experiences. I still think you should visit an adviser via your school if you can or whatever. They really help! Most colleges have one through career services or something. Okay so.

  1. Have a checking account. Look into minimum balances and fees! Maybe you would be better off with a Credit Union than a traditional bank? Which is most convenient and affordable to you?  I use a bank and a large one and I am pretty happy with it for checking account services. Look for a bank with free services and a low opening balance. Maintenance fees add up — you could pay $100+ a year just for someone holding your money. You don’t want to have to lose money because someone is holding your money! It’s insult to injury. If you are a student there are several options for you that will suit your needs. Read this article! Maybe you would be even better off with an exclusively online bank! There are several. 
  2. You better be checking your statements monthly for discrepancies in your purchasing. For this, please keep track of your expenses. Keep all your receipts. You don’t need to keep paper copies, you can scan them in. There are apps for that on smartphones. I use Wave. It is glitchy but it works for me. There are many options out there. But you should be consistent about it. Research some on your own time. I’m not saying this to be anal but actually it’s not uncommon for places to double charge you, and sometimes frauds and scammers will take tiny increments from your checking if they gain access…..2 cents from millions of people adds up to a lot of money. So keep track and if you see anything suspicious call up your bank ASAP and fight that charge, no matter how small. 
  3. Okay you have a checking account. You wanna save money? Don’t just lump all your money in one place because you’re more likely to spend it. Get a savings account — or several! Maybe one for a vacation you wanna go on, and one for student loans repayment or whatever. It’s perfectly normal and good to have multiple savings account and you don’t have to stick to your checking account bank. Find one with high APY and a low opening balance. The best out there for USA residents is GE Capital Bank. It offers the highest yield nationwide and they have a calculator too so you can see how much they make for your savings which I love. Here are some other options. 
  4. Every paycheck, I want you to set aside money automatically via automatic transfers to your savings account. Taking out necessity expenses like rent, food, etc, there is a fixed amount you want to be saving out of every paycheck. If your job offers a 401(k) you want to look into that and throw money into that so you are saving for retirement. Throw as much as you can (look into the maximum contribution allowed) into that plan because your company will match that amount (maybe not $1 for every $1, like I said, look into it).. This is free money from your employer and lowers your taxable income. Yay less taxes! Here is an article about 401(k). Even if you leave a company, you can transfer your 401(k) to the next company you work for. Take advantage of 401(k)’s when you have them! You always want to be saving for retirement. I know it’s a long way away but cost of living is only going up so the earlier you start the better off you are. Ideally you wanna throw 10% of a paycheck into your 401(k) if it’s available to you. 
  5. Anyway back to savings. You wanna throw in like, 30% of a paycheck or however much you can into your savings. Some people pay themselves out of their savings and live very frugally this way — throwing it all in and taking out what they need to pay necessities etc. I don’t do this, I just automatically set up bi-monthly transfers around paydays so I just never see money, it just goes into savings. If you don’t see it, you don’t want to spend it. This is effortless saving. 
  6. You get a big bonus at a job? Or an inheritance? Instead of splurging on something consider opening a CD. CD’s are basically time capsule savings accounts with higher interest rates, you throw your money in, they generate more money, after 2 years or x amount, you take your money out and voila more money. Look into places with high APY for CDs. The bank I mentioned above (GE Bank) is great for this. This might be more effective if you have several thousand dollars you don’t plan on using anytime soon. Just let it accumulate into more money. 
  7. Really try to keep a budget. I’ve written about this before for Teen Vogue, the apps I use.  These are super important to me, and they keep me accountable to my budget. Am I spending too much on fast food one month? How many years till I pay off my loans at the rate I’m throwing money at them? These apps keep me updated. One of them comes with a free financial adviser you can talk to on the phone and they help you figure out the best kind of plan for you with your budget and your current income. This is amazing and you should look into it!
  8. You don’t need a credit card. You really don’t. I mean. A debit card is better for you in terms of your financial accountability because you won’t be spending money that isn’t already yours. You do want to build credit but you don’t necessarily need a credit card for that. If you have loans you’re paying off you can pay that with a debit card and as long as you’re doing it on time you are building credit. Building credit is a long and difficult process and the lure of credit cards are super dangerous so think long and hard about if you need one or just want one. This is up to you! Research. 
  9. I’m not gonna talk about taxes because i know fuckall about them and I hire an accountant and write off the accountant during said tax time and it’s absolutely worth it because I am too anal and neurotic to deal with the concept of the government taking away my money and then giving it back to me so I don’t deal with it at all. Instead!!! I let someone else!! Yeah!!! Fun. 

Okay that is your crash course on adulting your money I hope it helps you good job high five. Once again I am not a financial adviser I am just being a mom but I hope I made some things clearer for you and if you have any questions you can ask I will try to help but you should be proactive and ask a professional in your area so they can break it down for you in all their professional glory. Okay!! Good talk.