please tumblr

i beg you

if you see a bombshell of a “news” story on your dash referencing some kind of volatile situation, with no actual source links (even if they are just tweets from eyewitnesses)

please take 5 minutes to go on Google and verify it before you reblog it with a fist bump

especially if the alleged “news” being posted about is something that agrees with your views of the situation and sounds like something you want to hear

there are too many kids who don’t actually care about politics/SJ/whatever taking advantage of situations making shit up for notes and attention



Morning Glories 30: Irina vs. Kseniya/Irina vs. Mr. N.  Here’s an intercut fight sequence between lil’ Irina and her mother, Kseniya, and older Irina vs. Mr. N.  These are my favorite sequences to draw because Nick doesn’t really script them.  He has maybe one or two directions, but leaves the rest up to me. 

Also, the addition it snowing in the Kseniya fight was my idea—thought it would make for a fun visual. :)

 Via jeisma


So, yeah, HOLY SHIT, we won BEST NEW SERIES at the Eisner Awards Friday night. The Eisner committee had to engrave the words “SEX CRIMINALS” on two of their trophies. I have hidden it in my home for when they realize what they’ve done and come to take it away from me.

It was a fantastic, nerve-wracking night, and jeez louise ain’t Matt Fraction the best? If it weren’t for him and his brilliant brain I’d be doodling dicks on cocktail napkins for spare change. I love that guy and can’t stress enough how great it’s been to work on this with him. He’s a great collaborator and a great friend and NO, YOU have something in your eye.

Oh, and issue seven is at the printers, printing away. No ads, all story and giant letters column. COMICS WOOOO